{“course_title”:”Engineering Summer Camp “,”course_code”:”SME001″,”course_description”:”The Engineering Olympics Camp will introduce students of all ages to the exciting world of Engineering through a full week of competitions and engaging activities. Activities and challenges will include Giant Catapult, High Egg Drop, Popsicle Stick Bridge, Robotic Arm Transporter and many more! Groups will receive a budget each to invest in their own materials and projects! Itu2019s all about the team-work at this camp. We will divide students into 2 Age groups upon registration: Group 1 – ages 6-8 ;Group 2 – ages 9-14.”,”course_outcome”:””,”course_subheading”:”Engineering Summer Camp “,”course_color”:”#f0a848″,”course_age_min”:”6″,”course_age_max”:”14″}

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